Here I am, starting over again. I hear this is not uncommon among others. But for me, I'm older now. My children have moved on, I've matured as a person and a professional. But I fear my profession has gone the way of canal shipping with the industrial revolution. Its scary, and exciting.

And with this turn, I have a opportunity. I've been wanting to play with Ghost for awhile now. And I've had time, but I was lazy. But as with life, there were a lot of other things I wanted as well. Now, this is what I want. To learn software. To learn how to develop and solve problems with my mind. So I'm going to blog what I'm doing and how I'm learning. My trials, tribulations, frustrations, and the rare success. I have to start somewhere, this is a good spot. But I must do more.

Like making another blog from scratch with Flask by following Miguel Grinberg's tutorial. I'll use Ghost to journal this, other online learning avenues, podcasts, etc. My opinions, misunderstandings, and what I've learned. I hope I fall down a lot, because thats how I learn best.

I've been talking about doing this, and after constant encouragement from coworkers, and a fear I'm missing out if I don't start now, I'm beginning again. With Ghost to blog my way. And while I'm going to learn how to use it, I'm still going through more learning avenues.

Fingers crossed.