Since this is all new and shiny

I'm planning on writing about what I've done, where I went, what was learned, who I saw, and the things I've come into contact with along the way.

Sam, a coworker of mine, has been learning programming for about a little over a year now. He's putting his all into it. Morning, day, night, and weekends. I'll admit it does make me envious at times, but I do realize we have different lives.
He's learning Python and Django. He showed me his portfolio page and wow did it look great. The code was just more than I could follow. But the color scheme he used, the theme of it all, it really flowed well. And for him learning backend and be this good at front end, I felt so dumb. But he admitted he is using the Django framework and making his own edits (Like I've done with this blog page).

We share things that we've just heard or learned. It makes things more fun when you're in the same mud as someone else, trudging through the same muck.

He's turned me onto podcasts and books, and I've shared my list of online learning materials and videos. One we both started watching, on and off, is Simple Programmer. The author/entrepreneur is John Sonmez. John puts out a ton of motivational stuff like his Youtube videos, blog posts, emails, etc. He's been doing this for years already. And while he's not teaching you how to learn to code, he's telling you that you can learn to code and the great things it can bring you. He has free courses on how to write your own blog, fitness, etc. I suggest you look into some of his past videos.

Sam has been good enough to tell me his methods and I'd like to mimic some of them. So listening to podcasts anytime you can, is one of those. At first they were just mumbling words, but now I recognize them and it has me wanting to know more.

I'll go into which podcasts on my next post. If you have any video blogs you like, please share with me.