So my friend, Sam, has got me into the habit of listening to coding / programming podcasts during my lag time. I'll listen to them while I'm on the train coming into work, or in my car, or sometimes while I'm doing cardio....which I hate.

So I thought I'd put together a short list on what I've been listening to recently.

Podcast List

Each podcast differs in it's own way. For example, Michael Kennedy is purely a Python hero. From Talk Python to Python Bytes, its Python. Talk Python is normally a hour long interview with developers in the python community. However Python Bytes is a show that Michael does with cohost Brian Okken and primarily covers highlights from the python world from the past week. This is one of my favorites because its short and sweet and I can dig into the bits that I like if I want to.

Learn to Code with Me is with host Laurence Bradford, a completely self taught developer that has really brought herself a long way from the start with determination and a lot of passion. Her podcasts are laid back, relaxed, and informative. Code Newbie with host Saron Yitbarek is more specific and detailed podcasts where she interview developers, administrators, etc. from all parts of the field. Usually each host will go over the guests past history, how they got where they're at, and what advice they may have for beginners. I like these as they give a broader range of the profession on a general level.

Take up Code is a new one on my list. These episodes are very short, ranging from 8 minutes to 12 minutes each. The host goes over a general summary of topics. Sometimes each topic may span several episodes. While its not directly teaching you syntax, he does go over concepts to give you a quick understanding on what he's speaking about.

The last podcast (video cast) on my list is Python for Everyone. The host, a professor from the University of Michigan who teaches this to students going there, provides these lessons on many formats. From video blog/podcast, video lessons on Coursera, and provides the books online for free. I feel that if you're learning python yourself, you should include these courses.

If you have a recommendation to add to my list, please comment with the link. Every little bit helps.