Anyone with a satellite knows...

when a storm rolls in, your connection rolls out. Almost like the tide of the ocean, its one way or the other.

At home, we have Fios fiber connection for television and internet. You can read about my dealings here with my internet connection and dealings with Frontier support. But generally our connection is usually pretty solid (uptime wise) for about 99.00% of the time.

Enter Independence Day weekend out on the Eufaula Lake Oklahoma at my in-laws RV, accompanied by a Oklahoma sized storm with a sprinkling of hail and a fresh side of tornado warnings AND for more added fun...actual tornado sightings. Yes, being on the lake in an RV is where I want to be at a time like this. Living the dream.
Prepare your anus
Granted, at the time we went out there it was only supposed to rain a little. I mean, I have a chance to go spend a few hours lounging on the lake while my father in law tests out his new grill, and my mother in law sets up the picnic table. I just had to show up. How do you say no to free lake time and free steak? Only crazy people turn that down.

Well we soon notice the sky turning an ugly shade of dark green out west.

I'm talking 'licking a dirty ashtray then kissing your sister' kind of ugly.

The mother asks "Should we take down the awning and put everything away?" Uh...yeah lady. Unless you want to give all of your stuff to someone in the neighboring county, or you never want to see them again, we lock it down. So we quickly start to take down anything we can, strap down anything we can't. The RV has a television on the outside of it too, so we stow that away.
Watching the storm roll in
Gently, quietly, the storm glides in. Ok, I'm making that up. This SOB was yelling, screaming, and throwing everything it got a hold of. Lightning was everywhere. I sent my son a screenshot of the radar where we were at. You'd think his response would be one of worry or of love. His response: "Good luck dude". Yeah, thats the spawn of my loins.

The storm rolled in pretty loud. A cop stopped out in front the RV and we thought they were going to tell us to leave or kiss our butts goodbye, but they were just watching for tornadoes too. At this point I'm wondering if the RV can double as a boat, because its going to anyway.
What I'm thinking
In no time flat, their satellite television lost signal.
Side note: apparently, going camping and roughing it now involves air conditioning and high definition satellite television. I'm ok with this.

Surprisingly, the power didn't even blink. This was good as the A/C kept right up.

So now I'm out at the lake, stuck inside an RV rocking back and forth (pucker factor 7), and getting tired of looking for tornadoes in the dark. So whats a guy to do? Hey...I have a smart phone with a LTE connection....I wonder if....

I have a decent signal. So me being me, time to surf. After about 15 minutes of crap I settle on and clicked on the game of the day. Great picture, excellent sound. Nice. So while the wife and her parents went on about the storm and back in the day stuff (you know, the "do you remember when we.."), I'm just a happy little lakeside drooling kid watching baseball in the middle of some tornado inducing storms.

At the end of the storm, the in-laws let us stay in the RV the whole night and they drove home. Sweet. Eventually I got the satellite back on and watched a few episodes of Dirty Jobs before I crashed. Woke up the next day, got some coffee, went outside, and started the day off with a breeze in my hair and a lake at my feet.

Moral of the story, if you're going in and RV out on the lake in the middle of a huge ass storm...make sure you have air conditioning and and a LTE connection.