So I go on vacation to relax...

The only device I took with me was my phone, my precious iPhone. And soon to be, hopefully, my precious NEW iPhone. Depending on the features they announce next month. But I digress.

So I'm on vacation and I get this email from Frontier. These sweet sweet beautiful people tell me that because I'm such a great customer and swell person all around, they're bumping up my speeds from 75/75 to 100/100. No really, I shit you not!

Yes I truly know why they really did this and I'm not special. But I'm just going to lie to myself and go with it.

Frontier email
So I'm on vacation, with no laptop or computer to remote into my systems at home and do any verification testing. But hey, that's ok. I'm on vacation right? Don't sweat it, go out and enjoy your life a little bit. And that's what I did. I pushed this email out of my mind and press on.
Florida beach
So like the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And mine did. But I come home happy, with a nice tan, and fond memories. After settling in, I log onto my systems and see whats up. And that's when I remembered the email.

I pull up Chrome and ran off to to see whats up with my super duper fast new shiny speeds (shut up Brian, no one cares about your speeds). My hopes and dreams of having triple digit connection were soon dashed. 72.3Mbps download. 82.1Mbps upload. If you read my previous blog posting with slow speeds from Frontier FIOS, you'll know that these were the speeds I was getting with my old 75/75 connection. You know, the one they just magically upgraded for me.

But I'm not one to be impulsive and just fly off the hook, calling up support demanding satisfaction. I have a nifty python3 script that will automatically run tests every hour and log it. I can even set that fucker to tweet the world about it. But I just want to run tests first. Then they'll be calling me up. inner voice is telling me to sit back and watch, wait it out

I started testing on the night of August 13th. And so far, testing every hour on the hour, I'm only averaging a mere 72.26Mbps download and 82.59Mbps upload. These are 75/75 speeds. NOT the 100/100 I was told I was upgraded to. But I'm also running trace routes as well, so I have ideas. But here's where my dilemma is, my conundrum, my moral fiber twist.

I originally was paying for 75/75. And these are the speeds I'm getting basically. Do I tweet/call/email a complaint? I mean, they supposedly moved me to the higher bracket of speed, so is it ethical to hound them into oblivion with endless tweets that my speeds aren't what I was told I should get? Again, I'm not impulsive usually. So my inner voice is telling me to sit back and watch, wait it out. Then after a bit, if things get worse than they are now, then pound their twitter support team into a red paste.

But where does this leave me at the moment? Ok, I'm a geek/nerd/etc. so to me I want this extra 25Mbps. There is something inside of me, deep within, pulling me down and screaming "GO GET YOUR 25MBPS SPEED NOW NOW NOW NOW! YOU MUST HAVE IT". But logically, and you have to also admit this, that going from 75mpbs to 100mpbs for only 2 people in the house will not change a thing for us. Television-same. Wifes facebook-same. Wifi-same. We really wont notice any difference. But I have a fiber connection. 25Mbps shouldn't be anything more than a flip of a switch. So where's the problem?

In the end (this means as of right now, but will change in about 30 minutes) I'm going to just let my script run and log results, without posting any tweets about the slower than rated speeds. I know me, and most people like me, so soon this 25Mbps will get under my skin enough to make me uncomment the tweet function of my script and post away. I can already feel it making me itchy.

If you're interested in running this python3 script yourself, feel free to download TWEETSPEED from my github. Just modify it according to the instructions and run the script.