Well I don't want to say that its completely over, but it has been looking up lately and its better than it has been in a long time. So I don't want to rock the boat too much or hold my breath to much.

Where it all started

To get you up to speed, I'll refer you to my previous posts concerning my internet connection speed here and here. A summary is that my connection speeds were not up to snuff, I got the normal run around from 1st level "technicians" that would feed me stuff like "oh, it takes time for the speed to build up", etc. And how I used a full front assault upon them via twitter on a hourly and half hourly tweet. Eventually, they got it running. Then I got a free upgrade, but I didn't want to push it.


So I merely keep running tests hourly and logging them into a data file. Since my speeds were OK and I had nothing to complain about, I just didn't pay any attention to the speeds. Until today, that is. I decided to just go look at the size of my log files and see if I needed to prune them any. But the size was fine, nothing to see here, move along.

Its not you, its me

But me being me I said "hey, since you're already here just tail off about 50 lines and see what the recent results are". I grabbed the .csv file and only saw my trace routes. I didn't go through them. So then I tailed out the file were I only logged the speeds up and down. Thats when I had to slow down and actually see what I was looking at.


I checked the date and times of the tests and sure enough they were the most recent. But again, I'm me so I had to go check myself. I ran over to your friendly neighborhood Speed Test and clicked on the big GO button. And what to my eyes did appear, but confirmation that my speeds were better than I was supposed to get. Like you, I'm OK with that.


Color me surprised

Without me doing anything or bugging anyone, somehow the fine folks over at Frontier FIOS managed to take care of it themselves. Now I know people whine and complain and rage over their ISP and their lack of care about your problems. I get that, I've been one of them and I fear I'll be there again. But its nice when you see they fix a problem without you having to threaten, cajole, blame, point fingers at, or even beg them to do something about it.


While I'm not running at speeds that will melt your eyeballs. I'm still rocking at a really good speed. You have to understand that this old man started using the internet before it was the internet. I'm talking about dial up modems running at a blazing 300 baud with external modems as big as your toaster. And just as hot.

Lets just say my Saturday morning got a little bit better.