Christmas has passed. New Years day is in the past. And with that, so goes football season. Its over. Gone. Kaput! No no, lets not talk about the so called NFL post season. That into itself is a joke. Officiating is just so bad, and not to mention it really seems like some teams are being given extra help. It's not worth the time or money anymore. But what is these days? Well, you are. That's who.

What's a good reason to be a lump on the buttocks of life? Trick question, there isn't one. Bazinga!

Football season is over. So now what to do? Great question. But the answers are vast and numerous. Each of us has different answers and avenues we can take. Honestly, I think that fact is pretty kick ass. In today's connected world, information is but a finger touch away. Click here, and it streams into your world. Computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone. Like government surveillance, it's everywhere you are.

It's full of stars.

At one time I was a huge football fan. Not extreme, but I knew which good players were on which team and even what colleges they went to. All of this knowledge was useless. I was just consuming not creating, not growing. Like a cow out to pasture, I would consume while remaining ignorant and/or stupid. Getting fat and accepting what I was given. I figured out, I was going no where.

In my previous on-line travels, I signed up for anything that looked interesting. Harvard has free courses? Gimme. MIT does to? All mine. Michigan and Rice University? Hell yes. This is all gravy on top of a mountain of mashed potatoes. I want to do them all. Sure, it was great.....until football season started that is. I used it as an excuse.

Why are there so many?

If you look around, you'll see that there are numerous resources on-line that are available to you for free. Literally from just about every college or education centers. Harvard's CS-50 is a huge on-line success. MIT's Intro into Computer Science and Programming is raved upon by many. I'm presently going through Stanford's self paced course. These school on-line courses aren't chump change. Its real knowledge from great institutions. itself has over 55,000 on-line courses.


Its a fumble!

When football season started I then fell back into the trap. Its a habit of mine to go watch my favorite team with friends. We've been doing this every year for the past 15 years. What I know was that its great seeing old friends, but it's weak to use that as an excuse. You might find an excuse to not do something such as going to the gym to lose that 10lbs like the job's a hassle, or even the kid's are in school and there's no time. But are any of those good enough reasons to just be a lump?
We all know life is supposed to be full. How often do we sit on the couch after work or school and allow ourselves to become brain dead? Far too often. And it becomes a habit. Want to learn how to program? Free on-line courses are yours for the taking? Think you're too old and forgot how to learn? Pish posh, UC San Diego has the course just for you. What about if you want to just play a guitar to pass the time? Udemy has you covered.

What are we waiting for?

Seriously, its out there for you and me. Have you ever heard something on the radio and think to yourself "That sounds interesting. I wonder where they learned that."? I promise there's something on-line that will lead you to the answer. So now that football season is over, we have our New Years resolutions to fulfill, and the only reason why we don't make ourselves and our lives ourselves. Remember, it takes as little as 21 days to create a life long habit.
Drive to work? Grab a podcast of a subject you're interested in and give it a listen. You'll be surprised at whats out there if you just look. Here's a list of the top podcasts out there. Heck, I'll be more than glad to help you find your niche. As for most wive's, they're very happy there's no more football for awhile. And with the season over, so is the excuse to not learn something every day. What about you?