In the past I've tried to post once a week. But there were times when I'd lapse and miss a week here or there. Normally it was due to being busy at work or unavailable for one reason or another. No big deal, its not like anyone was hanging on the edge of their seats waiting for the next riveting episode of Beginning Old. I also have a listing of idea's and subject that I want to blog about, so it's not like I'm waiting for subject matter either.

What does it take to get back on track in one's life?

Previously I've blogged about why I don't post about technical things, that I just to post about my experiences, painful and joyous. I didn't want to do just some other tech blog that are a dime a dozen. But I've noticed that the less I blog about my learning progress the less driven I am to dig back into lesson after lesson. Almost as if my learning experience benefits from blogging about it.

Finding the fire

As it happens with us all, life took a huge change for my family a few months ago. During that time I found myself no longer enjoying my normal routines. Like going to the gym, I found it burdensome. Or like when I'd go to work, come home, then be too tired to start any classes. I'd find reasons, or worse, excuses to push it off "until tomorrow". You know what I'm talking about. Procrastination. I no longer found any dot of motivation to do any of my former hobbies.


I thought about this a lot. Stumbling upon the fact that blogging about my classes helped motivate me wasn't a flick of a switch. I've been going through these thoughts and playing with them in my mind for many days. Like searching for two puzzle pieces together until you find the pair that fit.

I haven't been completely slacking

Don't misunderstand, I haven't been just sitting on my ass doing nothing. I've been researching a lot of information for work and also while at home. Learning about new technologies and researching how they might apply to our business. And when I get home, after searching and researching and dealing with clients, I'm just not full of brain power that I want to fire up a new video. After 3 classes I realized my mind had wondered off, day dreaming, and I failed to learn anything. So I'd call it a night.
I've got to find a balance between work, life, classes, gym, family, and me. None of should sound unfamiliar to anyone. We all do it every day in our lives. We just need to find a balance that allows us to achieve our goals little by little without taking away from other things that are important.

Many people deal with this time and time again. Your brain feels confused and your mind is mush after a long day. Mostly you'll end up just being a vegetable on the couch. But what does that gain you in life? Nothing. So try this with me. Write down what you want to do:

  • Where you want to go (now and in the future)
  • Where do you want to live
  • What job you'd love
  • What job you'll take
  • What kind of diet do you want to be on (by diet I don't mean restriction)
  • What knowledge to you want to gain shouldn't be a chess match with yourself.

Hold yourself up

Basic things like this. Fill the list with whatever you wish. I've started my list and I plan to keep it open so I can add to it. I don't believe in being so strict that you can't breathe. So I'll give my goals a broader width. Like going to the gym, I want to go 4 times a week but I'll do cardio on 2 of them. I want to understand programming, development, coding. So I'll plan on taking classes 3 evenings a week for at least 2 pomorodo's each for videos and 3 if there's code challenges. I'm going to still blog about my journey. But I'm going to slant it more and more towards my journey of progress, no matter how small, and less about observations. Unless they're from my path of growth. Whoe knows, maybe they'll help someone.
So how do I hold myself accountable after working all day and coming home and crashing on the couch? I think everyone has their own triggers, but for me it's knowing that I have class from Xpm to Ypm before I even leave work. That is part of my schedule. How do I hold myself accountable to go to the gym after work 4 times a week? I pack my gym bag the night before and put it on the counter so I don't forget it on my way to work. Again, its a scheduled part of my day. And a good diet goes with a workout plan, so I'll just be conscience on what and how much I eat.

Mirror image

I think for most of us, just stopping for a moment and put down what we want out of life on paper can be eye opening. If we truly want something, we have to go get it ourselves. No longer should we need to be validated by what others think, and feelings don't look good on a resume. Just remember, remind yourself, that the only person in the world that you're competing against is the one staring back at you in the mirror. You are your biggest opponent and your harshest critic. Your words...matter the most. Knowing this, and looking at my list, I've started to get myself right. Back on the right track and taking steps, however small, towards my goals. If I make them, how great is that? If I don't, at least I had a journey that extended far beyond the reach of the couch and the remote control.

Tip of the post:
I listen to a lot of podcasts during my commute to and from work. One podcast was with a recruiter for a high end tech company. He said he doesn't look at resume's emailed in, but searches LinkedIn and filters for keywords that he's looking for. Then emails that candidate. Come to find out, this is true. If you're looking, get an account.