Shouldn't we always be looking for the next step in our lives that enriches it in one way or another? If you think about that, that our lives are a game, then shouldn't we always be gauging what our next move should be based upon the estimated outcome of that move. And also how that move will affect every move after it. The easiest step is rarely the best one. That's something humanity learns as it ages. Causation and effect.

But life isn't truly a 'game'. Not in the traditional sense anyway. While we all make choices on a daily basis that will affect our lives later, its not like life has the option for a redo or to re-roll the dice one more time. Or do we? In reality most of us can get a do-over, a retry of sorts. Not a completely new life, but different angles or beginnings to the one we have. However these retakes will never "just come to you". You have to actually work and fight for them. That means hitting the books or hitting the pavement again. Study, learn, do. Repeat until its solid. Especially if you've been in one career or job for a long time. So if you don't like what you're doing, its up to you to actually get up and make the change.


Times are a changin'

Life changes for everyone, constantly. I truly believe this logic. For example, look at all the domino videos on youtube. Look closely and you'll see the first domino to fall will directly affect the outcome of the very last domino in line. This is also true in most aspects of our lives. Like if you have a terrible diet, eating fast food all the time, you won't become obese overnight. But you will get there. So applies true for the opposite, eating healthy. Your health will still benefit. Consider each of these things and 'investment' into yourself. Thus if you make the hard choices early, you'll most likely have larger profits later.

I have to look at this opportunity, I have to see a chance to be more than what I am.

This logic applies for education. All kinds of things in life can educate you. Like school, college, an internship, a hobby. Everything. So with this I keep trying to make myself better in some way, no matter how small, daily. Start learning early, start learning often. It's all good. After awhile you might start taking new knowledge for granted. You get used to it and assume it's no big deal. So it's vital to continually change what you do, always try to see things with different eyes. least we become stagnant and some of our lives wasted.

Open your eyes

While my self education is not going at the speed I'd like, it's still going. And with this I'm learning more about myself in the progress. And it reminds me how I felt 15-20 years ago when I was hungry for life. New things to me I'm starting to recognize instead of blowing them off. I've started to realize these things make me better and more confident in myself. It also opens the door to what I don't know. Acknowledging and accepting that fact is an education into itself. It's not bad at all, and in true course it's part of being successful.
I've recently accepted a new job with a new company. I know this wasn't luck at all. This was the result of the work I've put into myself. And not just the recent education, but also the small things we take for granted. Podcasts, blogs, twitter, online tutorials, and a lot of that never ending curiosity of "what happens when I push the red button?". Even when I break something, I've learned something.

When I look back at the progress and flow of the whole process I'm able to see how my past directly affected things. The job interview was a blast. I really enjoyed it. After interviews with two managers, I was then aggressively peppered with logic questions by two different teams of engineers. And through out it all, I had a fun. But isn't that what you'd want from a job? One that you'd have fun doing? How lucky am I? Weird, I know right? I think after about 3 hours I was still standing tall. My experience and education was on display for this company. At the end, I found myself really hoping they liked me as much as I liked them.

Humanity learns more from it's failures than it does is successes. 

With this change, going from a job I've had for 13 years and 8 months, I'm stepping into a new opportunity in my career. It's also a new classroom in life to learn from. And while I'm sad to see my past move further behind me, I'm excited to see what awaits for my future. I know if I didn't accept this offer, I'd really be upset with myself later on in life. I could stay safe where I'm at, and thats never a bad thing, however I have a chance to be better than what I am now. And that's exciting for anyone.

Why ask why?

Many people have asked about the money, the benefits, and why I'm looking to leave a job I've had for so long. It's true, in my career field staying at a job for more than 4 years is extremely rare much less more than 10+ years. I have to look at this opportunity, I have to see a chance to be more than what I am. Not just new desk, but being able to spend more time learning programming. Being able to focus more on the things I want for myself out of my life. If I'm working hard to get to the brass ring, I'd be a fool not to grab it when it's close.

I still have a ton of apprehension about all of this. But the desire and excitement easily overcomes it. With my family behind me, I feel I'm making the right decision. And while my goals have changed, they haven't lessened. To me, what I'm seeing is that I've changed the order of how the dominoes fall. I still see that same last domino standing up, waiting to fall. Which also reminds me that like Tesla says "life is a river, let it flow".