With the Christmas season upon us, and soon a new year to follow, many people will look at their family and cringe or cheer. If you cringe, I feel sad for you. If you cheer, lets cheer together.

What do you want to do with your life?

I sit here now, listening to North Pole radio, thinking of my family and friends. Wishing that of all the things I could have, I'd only wish for their lives to be better in some small way. That would make me happy. The reason why I'm not asking for anything myself is multi faceted. Mainly, I do my best no to be greedy. I mean there are things that I still wish for, but wishing will never get me to achieve them. I know I have to work to get what I want. But if I think about it, I am greedy that when my friends and family prosper I do take immense joy in their gain. Seeing their hearts open full of happiness is pretty kick ass.

But I'm not asking for anything because this year, I've gotten everything I wanted but didn't ask for. My new job has given me a wealth I've never known. Not just financially, but knowledge and prospect wise as well. I've met people I never would have if I didn't take a step.

I mean, even Rudolph was a black sheep too. He had a red nose and people immediately knew who he was. I'm one of the older engineers in my department, so I'm automatically placed at a certain level. I get that, its always been the same everywhere. But whats funny is I'm as green as every other newbie. And I'm OK with that. Rudolph had his ups and down's too. In the end, everyone loved him.

Rudolph never looked so tasty

What to do

I've volunteered to work the weekend before Christmas, and also the week of Christmas. Why? Well the money is really nice. But also because I am one of the older people there. So the younger one's with small children and family can spend it with them and enjoy the season of cheer. So the crew will definitely be skeleton for sure. That just means more confusion and fear on my part. But no worries, I'm not working New Year's Eve or New Year's day.

I've never felt so alone

So then what are we thankful for? For the year of 2018, look back and find something good. Everyone has something. Did someone buy you a coffee? Hold the door for you when your hands were full? Get engaged? Maybe the great joy of adding a member to your family. Think back on them for a moment, hopefully they still make you smile. Everyone had bad times as well, but dwelling on those will get you no where. Aim for your joy and go get it.

Looking backwards

I think back on my year. It's been so bitter sweet for me. I got hired by a great company to do a very difficult job. Its something I'm still fighting for. I don't think that'll stop, but damn it sure is enjoyable. I'm loving it.

I lost my brother, John, this year.

I started working out again and I'm trying to read a little bit more. But I've gotten lazy about working on things around the house. I recognize this in myself and I do chastise myself. Not sure how much good its doing though.

Looking forwards

So now after all of the sugar plums that dance in our heads, and the eight tiny reindeer have moved on back to the North Pole for a long winters nap, what of us? What is next for you? What's next for me? I've never been one for resolutions and attempts to do something better. Because I've never met anyone that set a New Years resolution and followed through with it. So why should I start off the new year on a failure?

I prefer to set several goals that are reachable, but only after I've reached the goal in front of it. Like a ladder of sorts, I can only get to one step at a time. So each goal allows me to attain the next. My first goal is to complete learning and become a Subject Matter Expert(SME) on a chosen area. Another first goal I have is to finish cleaning out the pool. Once I clean out the pool, then the hot tub will be ready for use. See how in order to reach a second goal I have to complete the first one? One step at a time.

I recently attended a Christmas party at Brian's, a good friend of mine, and prior coworkers. It was great to catch up with everyone and see what has changed in the past few months with everyone. It was like a family reunion of sorts. Again, bitter sweet as I miss them but I had to move on with my life. I had to keep stepping forward and living my life.

So now that you know what I'm going to do next year, what are you going to do? Whatever it is, I hope it brings you joy and prosperity to you and your family. May the bird of peace visit your home often and bless you.

Merry Christmas to you, and have a happy new year.