Where does anyone go when they're too busy living? But then, what's living? Both good questions really. I think the answer is different for each and every person on this planet. But this is my blog, so today...its about me.

I've been absent about writing a new post. Not that I've forgotten, no not at all. Just that when I get time I'm usually trying to enjoy the fruits of my labor. What fruits do you speak of, you ask? Well I was hired on full time at my present employer. Since then, I feel as if I've come miles. But also feel like I'm running in mud. But instead of fretting about where I'm not at in life, I've decided to boldly move forward and to enjoy the hell out of the journey at all costs.

2016 Harley Davidson Dyna Switchback FLD

I've begun to pay off some of the bills that life gives us. But that gets old fast. I mean seriously. Work, pay bills. Repeat. Who wants that? So me, I grew up around and on motorcycles. Yes, they're dangerous. Yes, they're expensive. Yes, everything you say. etc. etc. etc. Scared of them? No, not even close. I've found that every person that is steadfastly against riding motorcycles are usually those people that are scared of them because they don't understand them. Mostly because they watch too much TV and believe everything they hear on the news.

I am not a racer, nor do I take any risks. I ride for the journey, the enjoyment. No cell phone in my ear, no kids in the back seat yelling, no phones ringing or facebooking or any mess like that. I don't ride fast. I ride the speed limit. Yet when I do, cars will FLY by me. Yet motorcycles are dangerous? Not in my world. The danger is people in cars. They believe they have the right of way, regardless.

Ever wonder why a dog sticks his head out of the car window? Ask me, I know

But as with anything in the world, it must be respected. You wear a seatbelt in a car? I wear a helmet. I wear gloves. I wear very sturdy boots. I wear leather. I wear glasses.

Last year, 2018,== over 40000 people died in car accidents==. In the exact same time span, ==less than 5000 people died in motorcycle accidents==. No, they're not safer. Of those less than 5000 people that died, 78% of them were due to people in cars that "didn't see them". So I drive watching YOU, and I pray that you don't get stupid and "not see me".

However, I ride. I ride for me, it is my therapy. After a difficult day at work, I get on my bike and I ride home. When I get home, I'm not still frustrated about work. Pissed off at how bad traffic was. Nothing like that. My mind is calm. My breathing is normal. My mood, my mood is good.  What riding allows me, is the time for my brain to work things out without the influence or distraction of any of the other crap the world throws at you while driving.

Humanity learns more from it's failures than it does is successes. 

My first motorcycle was an Indian. No, that that one. The one's that were made in Taiwan. It was a little enduro ME-100. Green. It was life to me. I learned freedom, friends, fun. I found places I'd never known existed in a world I'd lived my entire life in. It wasn't a motorcycle to me, it was a doorway.

From there I had a few other motorcycles. When I went into the Air Force and came home on leave, I rode my fathers 1976 Harley Davidson Super Glide FXE 1200. A beast of a motorcycle. Then I had a Suzuki 550, then a Honday Shadow 750. I rode my son's Harley Davidson Street 750 a few times also. Everytime it brought me back to that same feeling. Freedom from drama and pain and worries. Even if for a little bit.

And now that I'm older, what do I want to do? Where do I want to go. I don't want to answer those questions. I want to go where I want to when I figure it out. I don't want to have predestined plans of the rest of my life. I want to live it. But I want to enjoy it to. So now I'm planning on going to bike rally's (DFW & Texas), bike events (weekends only for now), group rides for charity (Suicide prevention), ride to help (veterans & children in need), rides to protect (Bikers Against Bullying), rides to remember (Memorial Day ceremonies in differing cities), ride for those that have been forgotten (Patriots Guard Riders for veterans funeral ceremonies with no family to attend, I will) and anything else that I can do. Someone asked me "Why? Why you? Why now?"

Because I want to. I've tried to stand up for those that cannot. I've tried to protect that that need protecting. Because I can. Because I should.

So now I am having a difficult time finding time to mow the grass. Its a mental battle. :) But its one that's worth fighting. Want to know what makes me happy now? This picture below most people will see a winding road. I see exhilaration, excitement, thrills, happiness. I see possibilities.

"Young riders pick a destination and go... Old riders pick a direction and go."