Good question.

Simple where really. I've been working and playing and generally enjoying life as it is. But let me break it down some for you, or for me at least.

I'm not lost

In the past few months I've been working hard, making progress at Splunk. Whats that you ask? Well Splunk is the "Data to Everything" platform. I'm working there presently as a Technical Support Engineer. I have my User, Power User, Admin, and Architect certifications from them. So with this knowledge, I've been gaining experience day by day. Its a good job and I get paid extremely well. Plus other benefits as well, so its difficult not to like the job.

Don't get me wrong, its a kick ass job but its also a job you can get your ass kicked in. The cases we work go from eye roll to scratching your head with the developer who actually wrote the code. Yeah, it can be a difficult endeavor at times. But thats all part and parcel to the job. Plus working with a good group of engineers that are the type when you ask them a question and they dont know either, they don't blow you off. They start working the problem along side of you looking for the resolution. So yeah, its a good gig if you can get it.

Reflections in the waves spark my memories

As with any life, it has its up's and lately for me it's had its major down's. I'm not going to go into anything personal because I try to make sure I'm not that guy/girl. I think we all deal with these hills and valley's on our own, and as with any part of life, they lead us to be stronger and also provide us with enrichment as a human being.

"Your life is enriched with meaning when allow yourself to become inspired, set goals, and charge after them with passion."

So here I am today, reflecting on my past 2 years with Splunk. But not just that part of life, but things before that. My 14 years with BRIT. My time in the military. My time as a father. My time as a child growing. Reflection and the ripples of things in my early life and how they affect me now. Like my work ethic that I learned from my parents. From what I've been told, I have a great work ethic. Which makes me feel really bad about the people now because all I'm doing is just my job. Those early teaching in my life, how are they affecting my children? Good? Bad? I don't know. But I do know that even though they adults now, I'm still trying to help them out. I know I'm still learning, so are they.

Don't Stop Believing

But what about my desire to continue on, to keep pushing forward? I've stopped writing these posts, have I stopped learning also? Have I stopped 'beginning'? You know, to this day I still subscribe to all of the same python programming twitter accounts, email subscriptions, etc. that I did in the past. But I got one the other day that really got me to stop. It read " python classes that take you past beginner and into intermediate." Now, I've taken a ton of beginner classes in the past but its been awhile.

Yes Brian, I know I know. And yes, I hear you still telling me "when are you going to start taking the real classes?"

- |

So here I am again, not back at square one. Not even by a long shot. I still want more. I still want to know things. I still want to do things. I know I'm not done. I know I won't retire as a TSE with Splunk. So then what? Well, like any smart human being with time and available money, I'm doing to waste it! haha No, I kid. I want to use it to enrich my life in some fashion that it will also enrich the lives of my children and grandchildren. So how can I do that? I'm not going to work myself to death and let them have all the monies.

Next Steps

Like always, every goal begins with a first step. As humans we take so many first steps that we no longer consider them significant. And while we care not to count them after awhile, it doesn't diminish their significance at all. I quit a job I had for 14 years for a 6 month job interview. Only after which I might be interviewed again to be hired on full time. It was a chance, I took it. I'm glad I did too. My life has improved significantly. I no longer worry about paying bills or lunch for my children. But that doesn't mean I'm care free. Not at all. It means that other worries in life have a different priority now. So with that, what do I do and where do I go?

Life has no alarm clock

I want to try and life a better life. Not just in one area, but many. To be a better human being on this planet. Better human being for this planet. I think doing that is different for each of us. For some like me, its to continue to grow as a person and as a father/grandfather. For you it might be speed underwater basket weaving and macaroni jewelry. Whatever works for you, rock it.

So all things considered, which horse do I want to jump back on? I'm still toying with that one. Keep where I'm at but travel more, thats one idea. Go back to school and educate myself is another. But I know which ever path I chose, it won't be my last one. I feel I have a lot of first steps to take. One of them will be playing more golf with my son. That will be one of my favorite ones that I'm truly looking forward to.

Now go find yourself......