Where am I? Where are you? A travesty, a lesson.

It's easy to look back on recent events and see where we went wrong. The panic, the fear, the GREED. I've hated it all. Where knowledge should be, ignorance has prevailed. Politicians sooth saying, while behind our backs they make to profit on misery and death. Where does this all lead us?

Phrases such as "shelter in place" or  "social distancing" have become common place. People panic buying toilet paper (what are you thinking?) but not food, and the government representatives contradicting scientist. It seems that we need some good old common sense. As leaders and members of our own families, we need to be smart, work together to become stronger and survive the ignorance that exists today. So what can we do with ourselves now?

Self quarantine?

A perfect time to learn

How can we proceed from here, in no man's land, to make ourselves better during these times of need? We take care of our families as best as we can, but then what for us now that we're stuck at home, alone, by ourselves..... I have a perfect idea! We make ourselves better. We make ourselves great. Not in a materialistic manner, think more internally. For me, I'm going to use this period of solitude to be greedy and use it for personal gain. I suggest we use this time to educate ourselves using all the tools available to us. Online courses. Profit!

Don't stop

Every new opportunity is littered with daunting challenges. There are road blocks at every bend in the path. People will worry and say its impossible. Nevertheless...every challenge we face in life is simply an opportunity. God uses trials and adversity to move us and to grow us. We gain knowledge and experience with every challenge. I'm using this opportunity to go back to school. Why not? You should use this chance also to grow. Study about your job or career. Read about a new hobby you want to learn. Watch videos that educate you in something you've always wanted to know about.  

Making gains

Many of us are lucky enough that we can work from home during this crisis, but even for those that are stuck at home and not working, we can still use this time to learn something. For me, my plan is to learn a few different things after my shift has ended for the day, and sometime over the weekends as well. So went about looking for courses online and picking out a few. What I found was eye opening. First, there is so much free knowledge available. Not just from places you've never heard of before, but from places like Harvard, Yale, University of Michigan, Stanford, and the list goes on and on.

Let the free times roll

My initial place I went to was EDX. With over 2500 courses from large educational institutions. The courses they offer is just amazing. Some cost and some are free. So I kept going and looking to see what else is out there for me. Here is a short list on some sites out there. If you know of other great online sites for learning, please let me know.

Udacity.com Coursera.org Udemy.com After hours programming Viking Code School LinkedIn Learning Learn Python Treehouse

Never stop never stopping

All things being real, we should use this time available to us to put it to good use. Making ourselves and our loved ones safe, healthy, and intelligent. Use this time you have now to your benefit. Don't just sit around doing nothing. Sit around doing something. A long time ago I started to learn Python. But since then I've forgotten most of the information as I never put it to use. So now I can go back and start again. After that, I'm going to take a lot of the free information in LinkedIn Learning and push that into my brain. I don't know if I'll retain any or even make use of any of it. But I'm not going to act like a lazy teenager and do nothing.

Class is in session

After spending the past few months helping some new people to become certified architects, I felt a let down after they were done. It felt really good relearning things along with them all. You could see them hungry for learning. After awhile when they thought they knew it all, they wanted to start working. But when they were out of class and they started their real jobs, they realized that the real learning had just begun. That simple realization in me told me that we should use this extra. time to our betterment and benefit.

So my plan is to take more business management classes and also some coding classes. I'd love people to join me in this quest. Maybe not in the same classes, but along the journey of continued education.

Who's with me?

Proverbs 1:5
Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance,